Beyond the Divorce

Chapter 673 An Invisible Threat

We agreed to always depend on each other once things calmed down.

I looked at Atlas, questioning, "Did she really plan so far ahead? Did she keep this girl around all this time? Who is she? Do you think she might be connected to my parents back home?"Content belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

Atlas shook his head. "She may not have planned so far ahead, but this may be something she has prepared for.

"You mean sending Kylie to the Avilas?" I asked, feeling a bit anxious.

Atlas nodded. "After all, the connection between Rory and Lucille is an indelible mark, and Lucille's foundation is profound. There was no way she didn't take precautions. Knowing that she has someone in her hands is her leverage.

"Perhaps that's what prevented us from discovering this woman's origin. As for whether Kylie has any connection to your current parents, that can only be revealed when you recover your memories."

Atlas comforted me, "But don't worry. I'll arrange for someone to investigate Kylie. She won't stir up any big waves. When the time is right, I'll contact the Avila family."

"Do you know them well?" I sensed the implication in Atlas's words. He was not unfamiliar with the Avila family.

Sure enough, Atlas said, "I'm not unfamiliar with them. I dealt with them when I was looking for you and sought help from them."

"Help?" I was a little surprised.

"Yes, I contacted them in secret twice. I met your uncle," Atlas said. "But at the time, I was still young."

"Can you tell me more about the Avilas?" I stared at Atlas.

"They're quite special. I'll provide you with all their information tomorrow and lock it in the office." Atlas did not refuse me, and his response was reasonable.

"Are you sure I am my parents'-oh, I mean Rory and Lucille's-only child? They didn't have twins?" I boldly guessed.

"Definitely not twins. Otherwise, I would've known. Don't forget, we've been together since we were children, and they only had you," Atlas said with certainty.

"With Kylie joining the Avillas, they

will face some turmoil. Her arrival is not as simple as a family reunion." This made me anxious, and I added, "I'm afraid many things will change with her influence."

"Don't worry for now. I will verify this information," Atlas reassured me.

"Do you mean verifying it with the Huffmans?" I stared at Atlas. "It seems we're thinking the same thing. I also wanted to do this."

Atlas smiled and hugged me. "Great minds think alike!"

"Atlas, do you think letting the Huffmans know about us could be a mistake?" I asked, a bit worried about Atlas's idea.

He shook his head, saying, "We can't hide it from them. The fact that they want to be acquainted with you means they already know something about you.

"With how the Huffmans operate, it's

an early bird-catches-the-worm

situation. It just depends on how

much they know. Opening your heart to them isn't bad. Just remember one thing. When interacting with Trinity, don't make her feel like you're betraying her."

I nodded, keeping Atlas's advice in mind.

"According to Trinity, the Huffmans

haven't discovered where she came from. It seems like they planned this very meticulously." I told Atlas about the results Trinity found, feeling a bit disheartened.

I didn't expect that Kylie's being alive would turn out to be a threat to me.

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