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Chapter 652 - 652 Earth-rank Martial Artist

652 Earth-rank Martial Artist

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“It’s not too late. The master I found for you is an expert who is quite reserved. He’s very famous in the ancient martial arts world of Oprana.

“If you’re free, I can ask him to meet you…” Thomas said slowly.

“What is ancient martial arts?” Connor asked after hearing this.

“Ancient martial arts is the cultivation method they practice. It’s normal for ordinary people not to know about the existence of ancient martial arts…” Thomas explained with a smile.

After Connor heard Thomas’s explanation, a trace of helplessness flashed in his eyes. He asked in a low voice, “Sounds like something out of a fantasy novel…”

“Haha…” Thomas chuckled lightly and continued, “Mr. McDonald, there are actually many people who study ancient martial arts in our country. These people who study ancient martial arts like to call themselves martial artists. Their combat strength is very terrifying. Any one of them can fight against a hundred people alone…”

“Martial artists?” Connor was surprised when he heard this.

“That’s right. Martial artists…” Thomas nodded slightly and continued, “And martial artists are divided into Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow rankings. Heaven-rank martial artists have long been extinct, and the master I found for you is an Earth-rank martial artist that is only second to Heaven-rank martial artists…”

“What is Carlos? Is he also a martial artist?” Connor thought for a moment and asked.

“Yes, Carlos is also a martial artist, but he is only a Yellow-rank martial artist…” Thomas replied.

After Connor heard this, a trace of shock flashed in his eyes as they filled with disbelief.

Carlos was only a Yellow-rank martial artist but already so powerful.

And the master that Thomas found for Connor was an Earth-rank martial artist. How terrifying was that?! Content belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

“Mr. McDonald, you’re usually in school, so it’s hard to know these people. Normally, you don’t know about martial artists.

“And we are not aiming to become masters like Earth-rank martial artists. You just need to be able to protect yourself when you encounter a hitman. If an Earth-rank martial artist tutors you, improving your physical fitness quickly shouldn’t be a problem!” Thomas said slowly.

Connor hesitated after hearing Thomas’ words.

He was not very interested in learning martial arts from a master.

However, he was still very curious about this Earth-rank martial artist. He was curious about what kind of person he was.

Therefore, after hesitating, Connor asked, “So, when can I meet this

Earth-rank martial artist?”

“He’s free tomorrow morning. If you want to see him, I can drive you there tomorrow morning…” Thomas hurriedly said.

“All right, then come and pick me up tomorrow morning!” Connor nodded lightly.

“All right, Mr. McDonald, if nothing else, I won’t disturb your rest…” Thomas replied calmly.

“Okay,” Connor agreed and then hung up the phone.

After hanging up, Connor put down his phone and lay on the bed to rest.

The next day, at 8 PM.

Connor’s phone rang on time.

When Connor saw that it was Thomas calling, he picked up the phone and answered the call. Then, he asked groggily, “What’s up?”

“Mr. McDonald, I’m already at your door…” Thomas whispered.

“All right, I’ll come to you now!” Connor hurriedly replied, hung up the phone, changed his clothes, and left Royal No. 1.

A moment later, Connor left the villa and entered Thomas’s Bentley.

“Mr. McDonald, I’ve already contacted Master Yarrell. Master Yarrell is waiting for us at home now!” Thomas said with a smile after seeing Connor.

“Master Yarrell?”

When Connor heard this name, he was surprised.

“That’s right. The master I found for you is called Jorge Yarrell. He was very famous in the ancient martial arts world of Oprana.

“But later on, for some unknown reason, Master Yarrell chose to retire from the martial world and live in seclusion in Porthampton. Moreover, Master Yarrell has never taken in a disciple for so many years. It’s said that his requirements for taking in disciples are very strict. Ordinary people usually don’t make the cut…” Thomas whispered to Connor.

“How can you be sure he will accept me as his disciple?” Connor hesitated before asking softly.

“I’m not too sure about this. Moreover, we don’t have to acknowledge him as our master. As long as we can get this Master Yarrell to give us some pointers, it will be fine. After all, we don’t want to become some powerful martial artist. We only need to be a little stronger than ordinary people…” Thomas said slowly.

“That’s true…” Connor looked at Thomas and nodded lightly.

Ten minutes later, Thomas arrived at the suburbs of Porthampton and stopped in front of a very old building.

“Mr. McDonald, we’ve arrived…” Thomas whispered to Connor.

“Okay, let’s go in and take a look!” Connor nodded and followed Thomas into the courtyard.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, Connor saw a classic landscape garden.

His eyes widened to admire the scenery before him. The trees were lush, the mist was misty, and the simple and elegant buildings blended into the natural landscape.

The rich ancient pavilions added some beauty to this ancient building.

“To invite Master Yarrell to Porthampton, I specially renovated these pavilions…” Thomas turned and said to Connor with a smile.

“You renovated these pavilions?” Connor asked in surprise.

“That’s right. It’s all because of the renovation of the house…” Thomas nodded lightly.

A moment later, Connor followed Thomas to a hall.

On the hall walls hung the works of the four famous artists of the Middle Ages. Giotto di Bondone, Simone Martini, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Pietro Lorenzetti, and the stone inscriptions of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

In the middle of the hall was an armchair of yellow Brazilian rosewood from the Middle Ages.

The Brazilian rosewood was the most expensive type of rosewood. Its price even exceeded that of red sandalwood. Ignoring its cultural value, this chair alone could easily be auctioned for tens of millions of dollars in the normal world.

At this moment, a sage-like old man was sitting on the armchair.

The old man was wearing a tunic suit and looked like an expert.

Connor narrowed his eyes and carefully sized up the old man before him.

He knew this old man was the Jorge Yarrell that Thomas had told him about.

“Master Yarrell, hello!” Thomas walked up to the old man and greeted him respectfully.

When the old man heard this, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at Thomas indifferently. Then, he asked Thomas softly, “Did you bring him?”

“Yes, this is Mr. McDonald!” Thomas replied.

When the old man heard this, he slowly looked up at Connor. Then, he shook his head and said, “This boy is weak. I can’t accept him…”

After Connor heard the old man’s words, he was instantly stunned and speechless..

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