My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

Chatper 408

Chapter 0408 I'made Miss Emily in exactly what she was wearing and exactly where she was sitting. I painted the easel that sat ! beside her and on the easel, I painted the entire class. I had to use a very small brush to do that one. By the time I finished, it looked like a legit photograph.

“Wow, these are incredible,” Miss Emily said by the time was ending. She froze when she got to mine. “You painted the entire class on that mini easel?” “Yes,” I answered, glancing up at her.

Soon, I was surrounded by the other students all trying to glimpse themselves

“That’s me!” “Oh, my goddess! I look so cute!” “That’s really amazing!” “Thank you,” I said to them, feeling my face warm. “You all have great paintings,” I added.

“I agree; every one of you did great,” Miss Emily said with a big smile.

“Maybe if I get permission from the board we can put one or two of these paintings up in the school art gallery that just opened.” “Who's painting?” Some asked.

“Definitely Lila’s,” someone else said.

I frowned and looked up at Miss Emily.

“How about we all do one big painting

for the school? Goddess knows this school could use some more color,” I suggested. = I heard excited whispers from all around me.

Miss Emily looked around at all the students.

“Like a mural?” She asked, glancing at me.

“Yes!” I said excitedly. “We could all contribute to it; that way no one is left out. I could gather meaningful pictures from each student around the school and we could paint them as a class.

Everybody here is talented enough to do that.” “I'love that idea! Lila could help us mix the colors for everyone’s skin tone,” someone else chimed in,

-— a “It would be huge! Everybody in school would see it!” Another said excitedly.

Ilooked back up at Miss Emily who ha a smile on her face.

“Let me speak with the school board and see what we can do,” she said. “I'll let you know.” Everybody cheered happily and as we began to pack our things to leave for our next classes, some walked by me and told me they loved my ideas and that I did a great job.

I felt my face blushing as I smiled at them.

Just before I left, Miss Emily said, “Come by my office at lunch and we can eat together and talk.” “Sounds great,” I said with a beaming


On that note, I turned and left for my next class, Werewolf History. Content belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

History wasn’t as fun as art class, but I was good at most subjects, so it was a breeze to get by. We read the first couple of chapters in our history books and then took a pop quiz. Mr. Edwards typically graded pop quizzes before class was over and it wasn’t a surprise I to me that I got an A+.

I heard a couple of others groaning from nearby and I looked over a girl and a couple of boys that were staring at their papers with upset expressions.

“I can’t believe I failed,” one of the boys muttered. “I thought for sure I'd pass this time,”

“If I don’t pass the next quiz, they will kick me off the football team and I might lose my scholarship,” the other boy said.

“I got a C, but to my parents, that’s practically failing. They are paying a lot of money to have me attend this school and they expect perfect grades.

What am I going to do if I don’t understand the history of my own species?” The girl said through her teeth.

“I can tutor you,” I said, staring between them all.

They all looked at me with shocked expressions.

“What?” The girl asked.

“I can tutor you,” I repeated. “I have some time around 4 pm, We can go to

the library and study before dinner.” “Are you sure?” The football player asked, raising his brows. “Hey, wait aren’t you Brody's friend?” I nodded.

“Yes, I am,” I answer. “And yes, I'm sure. I'd like to help you however I can.” They all looked around at each other before looking at me with wide smiles.

“4 pm in the library it is,” the girl answered for all three of them.

I smiled in return and packed up my things to head to my next class, which was math. After Math was English and After English was lunch

Usually, I would go to the cafeteria and eat with my friends, but Miss Emily wanted to eat together. So, I grabbed my lunch hand and went straight to her office which was evidently on the top floor of the cafeteria building.

Miss Emily sat at her desk, eating a salad, when I arrived.

“Oh, good! You are here,” she said with a kind smile. “Sit down.” I nodded, shutting the door behind me, and sat in the seat in front of her.

“I feel like we haven’t really spoken in awhile. I wanted to hear all about your trip and your new job with Miss Cassidy-Ann. But mainly, I wanted to hear about your trip to Monstro. Did you and Alpha Enzo have a nice time?”


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